Republican Governor Signs Bill to Make Illinois a Sanctuary State

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, a Republican, signed a ‘sanctuary state’ bill into law that prohibits police from making an arrest based solely on the fact that they are in the country illegally. They must have a court order for that. The Governor says the bill is a two-page compromise from a 40-page bill filled with additional restrictions on police. Compromise or not, former supporters are saying that Rauner is the best Democrat Governor the state has ever had. –GEG


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If the Gov. can stop the police from enforcing the law which covers one criminal act, can he also stop them from enforcing the law which covers other criminal activity? Let’s say he has a relative who robs a bank. Can he then keep the police from arresting and holding said relative for prosecution? Why would any member of a states legislature give the Gov. the power to bend the law?


Interesting development. So the Bill of Rights covers every person in the entire Universe? You just cannot make this stuff up!

Jack Straw
Jack Straw

Of course he did, there is no left/right its BS the US has been over for a very long time and can not be fixed short of every one of these people being hanged, they must all be removed by force and until the real American man/woman is willing to give his or her life for there children/grandchildren nothing will change,only a full on shooting will change this nothing else you can vote till your blue in the face and protest till the cows come home it wont help, ALL the traitors must die period.


The Governor should be arrested and jailed/fined for aiding illegal immigrants; a violation of immigration law.

James Hickman
James Hickman

Illinois a sanctuary state? No problem as long as the citizens of Illinois know that they will be footing the bill in increased municipal fines, fees and property taxes, go for it. Know that law abiding states will not see taxpayer money go to sheltering illegal immigrants. If you believe in this lawless cause, you should pay for it!