Apple Asks Users to Fund Alt-Left SPLC Group that Targets Conservatives

Apple iTunes users are being asked to fund the alt-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to ‘fight hate’ even though the SPLC already has $320 million in assets.  In the wake of Charlottesville, Apple CEO Tim Cook donated $1 million to the SPLC as well as another $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League, and he says he will match employee donations.  The SPLC labels traditional Christian groups as hate groups because they don’t go along with LGBTBBQ-progressivism.  JP Morgan is also donating $1 million to the SPLC and ADL. Fox’s James Murdoch, one of two Trump-hating sons of Rupert Murdoch, has also donated $1 million to the ADL. –GEG

Apple iTunes users are being asked to fund the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center in order to “fight hate” even though they have around $320 million in assets.

Apple CEO Tim Cook donated $1 million to the SPLC as well as another $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League in the wake of Charlottesville. He’s told employees their donations to the two far-left groups will be matched and has even begun asking users of iTunes to pony up cash of their own to fund the SPLC.

From NewsBusters:

Apple’s openly gay CEO Tim Cook sent an email to employees on Aug. 16 announcing the tech company would give $1 million to the SPLC and match employees donations two-for-one through Sept. 30, Daily Caller reported Aug. 17.

It didn’t stop there. An iTunes ad released on Aug. 20 asked users to “Support the Southern Poverty Law Center’s work fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice.”

“This is not about the left or the right, conservative or liberal. It is about human decency and morality,” Cook’s email claimed. But the SPLC itself is a left-wing organization that attacks conservative organizations as “hate” groups. And those labels have had real, violent consequences.

The SPLC labels traditional Christian groups as “hate groups” because they don’t go along with LGBTBBQ-progressivism.

In August 2012, a shooter entered the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters to “kill as many people as possible.” The man told investigators he targeted FRC after finding it listed as an anti-gay “hate group” on the SPLC’s “Hate Map.” In 2017, FRC is still listed on SPLC’s website.

SPLC lists other conservative groups as hate groups on its website as well, including Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), American Family Association (AFA) and ACT for America. These groups are ranked as “hate groups” right alongside organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and Nation of Islam.

The nonprofit tracking organization Guidestar was the center of controversy in June 2017, when it decided to add “hate group” tags to all the profiles of groups listed on the SPLC website. Nearly all of the flagged groups signed a letter demanding the tags be removed because “SPLC’s aggressive political agenda pervades the construction of its ‘hate group’ listings.” Two days later Guidestar removed the tags.

Despite the SPLC’s left-wing bias and history of labeling conservatives “hate” groups, companies and organizations like Apple still support it. According to Foundation Directory, SPLC received more than $10 million in donations between 2013 and 2016 — even after the FRC shooting.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Alec Baldwin Foundation, The Gill Foundation, Newman’s Own Foundation and the Tides Foundation are just a few of the 853 groups that have donated since 2013.

Twenty-one of those groups — mainly community groups and private family foundations — gave more than $50,000 in that time frame.

SPLC also partnered with the Soros-funded ProPublica, Buzzfeed and Univision to launch a “Documenting Hate” project in Jan. 2017. The project claims to “build an authoritative data on hate crimes and bias incidents.” However none of the partner groups are conservative.

But wait, there’s more.

JP Morgan is also donating $1 million to the SPLC and the ADL. Fox’s James Murdoch, one of two Trump-hating sons of Rupert Murdoch, has also donated $1 million to the ADL.

Not mentioned is the SPLC has some $320 million in assets, which is an obscene amount for a “non-profit.”

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I be damned if i fund anything that takes away and is discriminatory to my fucking heritage….dont like christians thats fine whatever is ur choice but u will hear mone as well i am sick of this being one sided….


….Reed C. Kinney, August 29, 2017 ….Dear Mr. G. E. Griffin, ….Mr. Griffin “Don’t’ fight city hall. BE city hall” is irrational, because the problem is city hall. ….The structures of representational democracy are overrun by special interests. The American Federal Government functions as one of the central bank’s departments. All income tax is funneled into the Federal Reserve System (President Reagan’s Grace Commission). The social capital of community is ground down by capitalism’s universal alienation and the stupor of cybernetics coupled with a crafted media shock in order to facilitate the coercion of the American government (and its rule… Read more »

Truther T
Truther T

Hey Reed-
You are a sad sack! Pull your head out. Did you know that 39% of black violence is perpetrated against white people? Did you know that black males (6% of the U.S. population) commit 52% of the murders?
Watch Colin Flaherty’s channel for a few weeks and you will get a whole new perspective.


….Dear Truther, ….I appreciate you kind response. ….Evidently, you did not take the time to think about what I wrote. ….I promote a democratic, economic social organization that would be stronger than the one we have now. The governmental apparatus we have now is failing to defend us from the encroachment of private concerns on the remaining public assets. Evidently, you are not versed in those regards. ….What kind of country would we have if the government was no longer of the people, by the people, for the people? Rather than government, you’d have a dictatorial transnational corporate regime in… Read more »


Truther T,Jeff Sessions is invested in the business of private penal institutions.