California Kindergarten Students Receive Lesson on Sex Change

California: Parents were shocked and outraged when they discovered that their 5-year old children had received a lesson on sex change. The teacher said that it was appropriate because one of the classmates is transitioning from a boy to a girl.  Two parents who were afraid to be identified for fear of retaliation said that children were confused and upset by the experience. One child was sent to the principal’s office for calling the transitional child by his male name. 


North Korea Fired Another Missile – This Time over Japan

North Korea fired a missile over Northern Japan.  President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have responded by requesting an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. The missile was launched in the early morning, causing sirens to blare and emergency announcements for people to take cover.  The launch followed military games between the US and Japan.

US President Donald Trump has warned Pyongyang that “all options are on the table” after North Korea fired a missile over Japan early Tuesday.

Tuesday’s launch was particularly provocative as it was North Korea’s first ballistic missile to fly over Japan. Kim Jong Un’s regime regularly fires missiles into the sea between its own territory and Japan.
The launch comes as the US and South Korea conduct joint military drills on the peninsula and a day after drills ended between the US and Japan on the northern island of Hokkaido.
It also follows a fiery exchange of threats and insults between Trump and the North Korean regime, commenting through state media.
“The world has received North Korea’s latest message loud and clear: this regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior,” Trump said in a statement, taking a more measured tone than in his previous remarks.
“Threatening and destabilizing actions only increase the North Korean regime’s isolation in the region and among all nations of the world. All options are on the table.”

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Antifa Attack Peaceful Latino Man in San Francisco Park While Police Do Nothing

San Francisco: A patriot prayer rally was cancelled due to threats of violence from the left.. After Joey Gibson, a Latino man, gave a press interview in a park, violence broke out, and he was pepper sprayed five times. Self-proclaimed moderate liberals stood by with peace and love signs while he was assaulted.  Tucker Carlson blames the mayor who ordered the police to stand down. He says Antifa is the militia for Governor Jerry Brown and Senator Nancy Pelosi who are hoping for an excuse to call for martial law and a police state. –GEG

Houston Mayor Told People There Was No Need to Evacuate for Hurricane Harvey

Despite Texas Governor Abbott declaring a state of disaster from the effects of Hurricane Harvey last Wednesday, the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, advised citizens to stay where they were.  Many areas were more than 20 feet underwater, and rescue operations were required, particularly for senior citizens. A Houston resident, Rebecca Reisig, posted a Facebook comment that the Houston City Council knew Hurricane Harvey was expected to do greater damage than was being reported to the public, and her report went viral. In response, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett advised worried citizens that the Facebook rumor was false and that people should get their news from official sources, a line that was parroted by Mayor Turner. Facebook removed Reisig’s account. –GEG

A Houston-area woman set off a firestorm in the hours leading up to Hurricane Harvey’s landfall when she wrote on social media that local officials and the mainstream media were misleading the public about the severity of the incoming storm.

Resident Rebecca Reisig said the Houston City Council knew Hurricane Harvey was expected to do far greater damage than was being reported to the public.

Hey guys, I’m not trying to start a panic, but as some of you know, I work for a law firm here downtown. One of the lawyers I work with has a friend on the Houston City Council. The news is not telling the whole truth. The storm is expected to be three times worse than what the news is saying because they don’t want a panic on the freeways like Hurricane Rita. The City Council and Harris County Flood Control had an emergency meeting this morning. Evertything sound of Katy is predicted to be devastated. They’re predicting 50 inches of rain, not 24 like the news is saying, and 100,000 homes destroyed. Theyre expecting all of Houston to be without power for three days. If you guys live in a flood zone, you need to get out of Houston or try to stay with someone further north of Houston. I hope they’re wrong, but that is the latest I’ve heard from what the news isn’t telling you. Stay safe everyone.

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