Poll: 62% of Americans Believe Confederate Statues Should Remain

A new poll from PBS has found that a 62% majority of Americans of all races believe statues honoring the leaders of the Confederacy should remain, and only 27% believe they should be taken down.  A Chicago pastor called for George Washington’s statue to be removed, just as Trump predicted two days ago. –GEG

A new poll from PBS has found the majority of Americans of all races believe statues honoring the leaders of the confederacy should remain and only a small minority believes they should be taken down.

PBS News reports:

[T]he poll found that 62 percent of Americans believe Confederate statues should remain in place as historical symbols.

Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to say they supported keeping statues that honor Confederate leaders. Two-thirds of whites and Latinos said these statues should not be removed. African-American respondents were split, with 44 percent saying the statues should remain in place, and another 40 percent saying they need to be removed because some people find them offensive.

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Baltimore Removes Four Confederate Statues Under Cover of Night

Baltimore’s Democrat mayor, Catherine Pugh, and the city council, ordered the night-time removal of four Confederate memorials, including monuments of Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson, Pugh says she did it to avoid violence. [Apparently, she does not think that using the Baltimore police to protect property against thugs is an acceptable option.] –GEG

Baltimore’s mayor said she wanted to move “quickly and quietly” after officials approved a plan to remove four Confederate statues Monday night, a decision that came amid a national furor over a violent white nationalist gathering in Virginia organized to protest the removal of a Confederate statue there.

Mayor Catherine Pugh told reporters Wednesday morning she felt the best way to remove the monuments, in an effort to keep the community safe, was to do the work overnight.

“I though there’s enough grandstanding, enough speeches being made [on the top], let’s get it done,” she said. “I spoke with the city council on Monday and said, ‘With the climate in this nation, I think it’s very important that we move quickly and quietly’…and that’s what I did.”

Pugh, who is African-American, added: “I wanted them out of this city.”

The Baltimore City Council approved the plan Monday night to remove four Confederate statues from the city’s public spaces – just two days after the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday.

Pugh reiterated several times that the city’s plan had been in the works since June, and earlier said the quick overnight action was designed to avoid violent conflicts like what Charlottesville experienced.

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Venezuelans Face 25 Years in the Slammer for “Hate or Intolerance”

Venezuela is set to pass a bill that will jail anyone for 25 years who expresses “hate or intolerance”. This law will be used by Maduro’s regime to silence all dissent.  The language is sufficiently vague to justify punishment for saying almost anything. Maduro says that anyone who goes out into the streets to express intolerance and hatred will be captured and imprisoned. –GEG

In a harbinger of what – for various reasons – may be coming to the US, Venezuela’s brand new “all-powerful” constituent assembly is set to pass a bill that will jail anyone who expresses “hate or intolerance” for up to 25 years, a measure which the local opposition – and everyone else – is certain will be used by Maduro’s regime to silence and punish all dissent.

“The question is whether this is the peace he’s looking for: creating a law that gives him and his obedient supreme court judiciary powers to lock up dissidents for 25 years,” Tamara Taraciuk, head Venezuela researcher for Human Rights Watch, told Reuters in a Wednesday telephone interview. To be sure, less extreme versions of this proposal have cropped up across the developed world, where while “hate or intolerance” – as defined by some arbitrary but very powerful authority – will result if not in jail time, then certainly in loss of freedom of speech or worse.

As for Venezuela, the “the proposal includes incredibly vague language that would allow them to jail anyone for almost anything,” she added, a blueprint for how crackdown against dissent in “developed” countries may materialize.  It gets worse: straight out of “1984”, Venezuela’s assembly is scheduled later on Wednesday to empanel a “Truth Commission” headed by Maduro loyalist and former Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, to prosecute those responsible for violent anti-government protests.

Over the past month, in his attempt to copycat Turkey’s president Erdogan and seize supreme power, President Nicolas Maduro installed a 545-member assembly stacked with Socialist Party allies earlier this month, who provide him with a greenlight to do virtually anything. The president defends the new legislative superbody as Venezuela’s only hope for peace and prosperity.

Separately, local rights group Penal Forum estimated that Maduro’s government was holding 676 political prisoners as of Wednesday, a number that could rise once a crackdown against hate crimes – however the ruling regime defines these – becomes law. For now the definition is simple: no disagreement with Maduro:

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CEOs Quit Trump’s Advisory Councils After Charlottesville

Following President Trump’s statement that leftist agitators were responsible for initiating the violence in Charlottesville, members of his council of business leaders began resigning. It will not surprise readers of Need to Know News that these CEOs are from corporations that have been in the forefront of political correctness and have opposed most of the economic reforms advocated by the President. –GEG

Six CEOs abandoned President Trump’s advisory councils, saying they could no longer support the chief executive after his remarks on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

Walmart CEO Douglas McMillon stayed on at the council but stated he thought the president had at first “missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together” but that his later remarks were a “step in the right direction.”

President Trump hit back, saying the business leaders were “not taking their jobs seriously.”

Melissa Francis called the behavior of the CEOs leaving the council “outrageous” and “inappropriate.”

Francis related that one shareholder had told her they “couldn’t care less about that CEO’s feelings, but he better light it up when he announces earnings.”

“That’s not his job, to have feelings,” the Fox Business host said. “He can have feelings on his own time.”

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3.5 MILLION More People Registered to Vote than there Are American Citizens

Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project reported that at least 3.5 MILLION more people registered to vote than there are adult American citizens.  Judicial Watch says that 38 states gave the federal Election Assistance Commission questionable or incomplete voting information.  The data showed that 462 counties had a registration rate over 100%.  California has 1,735,556 ghost voters. [The irony in this is that, although the numbers reported by Judicial Watch are new, the knowledge of massive vote fraud has been reported over and over again. Most people think that, because the fraud has been discovered, something surely will be done about it. Not so. Neither major party and very few individual politicians are interested in cleaning up the mess. They see vote fraud as a game that everyone plays and, to the winner, go the spoils. Until there is a new slate of elected representatives with no allegiance to the two-party monopoly, nothing significant will be done about this latest discovery.]  –GEG

Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project just produced some stunning findings that have huge implications for our national elections- at least 3.5 MILLION more people registered to vote than there are American citizens.

Judicial Watch discovered these huge discrepancies by analyzing data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011-2015 American Community Survey and the federal Election Assistance Commission’s July 2017 statistics, which included data from 28 states.

 Judicial Watch reports that eleven of the 38 states gave the EAC questionable or incomplete voting information.  Judicial Watch attorney Robert Popper said of the findings:

“That’s enough over-registered voters to populate a ghost-state about the size of Connecticut.”

 National Review conducted its own analyses from Judicial Watch’s data and found that 462 counties had a registration rate of over 100%.

Some of the counties with the highest numbers of “ghost voters” were in California, which as a state has 1,735,556 ghost voters. San Diego County had 138% registration rate, with 810,966 ghost voters. Los Angeles County had a 112% rate with 707,475 ghost voters. Judicial Watch additionally reported that LA County employees said “the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144 percent of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

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