Three NGOs Suspend Migrant Rescues at Sea over Threats from Libya

Three NGOs (non-governmental organizations), Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, and Sea Watch, have suspended migrant search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean. This is in response to threats from the Libyan Coast Guard, which says it will shoot at any such operations. Although the NGOs and mainstream media are playing this as a heartless disregard for the safety of refugees and rescue workers, the rest of the story is that Italy and Libya know that NGOs are colluding with human traffickers and with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation to bring about civil unrest and cultural conflict in Europe. –GEG

Three NGOs have suspended migrant search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean citing threats from the Libyan Coast Guard, leaving what they describe as a “deadly gap” in the area.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said it would suspend search and rescue activity of its ship, ‘Prudence,’ saying on Saturday that the vessel would cease operations because of “hostility” from Libya.

Save the Children and Sea Watch on Sunday also suspended their ongoing rescue operations in the Mediterranean over the same safety fears.

Libyan authorities announced a new search and rescue zone off its coast earlier this week, which MSF says extends into international waters.

Libya has restricted the access of humanitarian vessels carrying out rescues in international waters, as part of a bilateral attempt with Italy to control the flow of illegal migration across a Mediterrenean channel between the two countries.

MSF said the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) warned the NGO of the security risks associated with threats made by the Libyan Coast Guard to search and rescue vessels.

“European states and Libyan authorities are jointly implementing a blockade on the ability of people to seek safety,” Brice de le Vingne, MSF’s director of operations, said. “This is an unacceptable assault on people’s lives and dignity.”

MSF’s Loris De Filippi told Reuters the Libyan Coast Guard demanded the NGOs leave an area as big as hundreds of kilometers around its coast, where it had previously been allowed to carry our search and rescue.

Catalan NGO Practiva Open Arms accused the Libyan Coast Guard of firing warning shots at its boat and threatening the crew last week.

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Alex Jones Describes the Globalist Strategy to Incite Race War in America

Alex Jones does an excellent job of describing how George Soros and his friends in the Deep State are working to bring race war to America – and why they are doing so. Here is my summary of the plan: Spend billions to create organizations with the purpose of arousing blacks against whites and whites against blacks. Then create street demonstrations to lead the followers of these groups into confrontation with each other. Then initiate violence to provoke retaliation from the victims who have no idea they have been set up as cannon fodder in what appears to be a genuine race war. Then send in the military to impose martial law to restore order. Then say farewell to what is left of Constitutional rights. –GEG

Mainstream Media Ignores Violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matter in Charlottesville – Puts Blame on Unite the Right

Millie Weaver of Infowars, on location in Charlottesville, says the Unite the Right demonstration was peaceful until Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups arrived. Unite the Right was herded by police into a small area surrounded by Antifa which hurled balloons at them filled with urine, feces, and paint, shouting “Kill Nazis!”  Antifa also used pepper spray and Mace on the demonstrators. Police said that they had been ordered by the mayor to do nothing to interfere. Eventually, the National Guard appeared on the scene, and a state of emergency was called.  Weaver says the leftist groups are marching to the orders of George Soros but wonders if Unite the Right might also be controlled by hidden forces in the Deep State. If so, it would perfectly fit the template of controlling both sides in a conflict to insure that sufficient violence erupts to justify martial law. [In other words, George Soros and the Deep State have one thing in common. They both want race war. Could all this be political theater to move America deeper into totalitarianism?] –GEG