Baltimore: Anti-Trump Revolutionaries Delivered by Bus, Paid by George Soros

InfoWars vidoe
Alistair Williamson of Stock Board Asset, working with, recently video recorded protesters getting off busses in Baltimore and going straight to a pro-immigration demonstration.  Many of the protesters were wearing t-shirts with a logo for CASA de Maryland, which is a Latino pro-immigration organization, affiliated with La Raza. It receives major funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  One of the key speakers advocated violent revolution, using anything at hand, pots and pans, and picking up blunt objects.  Protesters shut down a city street, blocked traffic, and disrupting commerce. [Can anyone explain why Soros is not in prison for facilitating violent revolution in America? The only plausible answer is that there are those in high places who want it that way.]  -GEG

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Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas

The administration must employ the CIA to terminate the hungarian spider. He must not be allowed to live any longer.

Will O\'Hickey
Will O\'Hickey

I agree but the CIA and Soros are joined at the hip.

Will O\'Hickey
Will O\'Hickey

Of course I can explain it. Soros and the CorpUSA enjoy a symbiotic relationship.