Unbelievable Pedophile Activity Operating on the Darknet from Germany and the US

German police have dismantled a child-porn network of 87,000 pedophiles operating on Darknet, a part of the Internet that is not catalogued by search engines.  The site, Elysium, was used to facilitate the exchange of videos and photos of children, as young as toddler age, being physically and sexually abused.  An even larger Darknet website, Playpen, which had 150,000 members, was dismantled earlier this year, and 58-year-old American, Steven Chase, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.  The Playpen case became controversial when it was discovered that the FBI operated the site as a sting to ensnare pedophiles.  The Department of Justice wanted to to dismiss the case against the child porn site to avoid disclosing details about the FBI’s hacking tools. -GEG

Berlin — The largely unrecognized global pandemic of child pornography has once again been thrust into the glare of the public spotlight after a massive child porn network with over 87,000 members was dismantled by German police.

A web platform called “Elysium” was utilized by the pedophile network, which existed since the end of 2016 and was accessible only through the Darknet, a hidden part of the Internet uncatalogued by search engines. The site was used to facilitate the exchange of videos and images of children, as young as toddler age, being physically and sexually abused.

According to German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle:

Investigators said the site had been in operation since the end of 2016 and that it was accessible only via the darknet, a part of the World Wide Web that cannot be found using conventional search engines but requires the use of encrypting software.

According to the authorities in Frankfurt, there were also recordings of “the most serious sexual abuse of children”, such as violence against children and abuse of “the youngest.” The platform was also used to schedule appointments to exploit and abuse children.

Most of the suspects were arrested in the countries of Germany and Austria.

A German police spokesman said that Dutch authorities were also involved in the case:

We are certainly expecting things that are important to the Netherlands, but at the moment it is not yet possible to indicate to what extent.

Surprisingly, the network of nearly 90,000 individuals is not the largest bust in history, as another online Darknet pedophile platform called Playpen was dismantled earlier this year, and 58-year-old American Steven Chase sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. Chase was held responsible for the existence of Playpen, a child pornography network established in 2014, which had 150,000 active pedophiles on the site.

The Playpen case was extremely controversial, as the U.S. Department of Justice acknowledged in court filings that the FBI actually operated the site, themselves, from Feb. 20 to March 4, 2015.

Moreover, in a move that left many in dismay, the Department of Justice filed a motion in Washington State federal court to dismiss an indictment against the child porn site.

According to a report in Wired:

It wasn’t for lack of evidence; it was because the FBI didn’t want to disclose details of a hacking tool to the defense as part of discovery. Evidence in United States v. Jay Michaud hinged at least in part on information federal investigators had gathered by exploiting a vulnerability in the Tor anonymity network.

“Because the government remains unwilling to disclose certain discovery related to the FBI’s deployment of a ‘Network Investigative Technique’ (‘NIT’) as part of its investigation into the Playpen child pornography site, the government has no choice but to seek dismissal of the indictment,” federal prosecutor Annette Hayes wrote in the court filing on Friday.

The federal prosecutor pointed out that the DoJ’s work to resist disclosing the NIT was part of “an effort to balance the many competing interests that are at play when sensitive law enforcement technology becomes the subject of a request for criminal discovery.”

To make a long story short, the feds decided to let an alleged child pornographer go to keep secret, and illegal, the methods they use to catch criminals on the dark web.

In regard to the “Elysium” network, public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said that the suspected operator of the site, a 39-year-old man from the central German state of Hesse, had already been arrested on June 12.

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Is Trump’s Investigation of Vaccine-Dangers Dead?

US vaccine policy will be heavily influenced by two new Trump appointees, Scott Gottlieb, head of the FDA, and Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, head of the CDC. Both have declared that anti-vaccine arguments have been debunked. Trump supporters are stunned, but hold to the belief that he is merely showing that he is currently neutral in the debate before launching an investigation and then coming down hard against mandatory vaccines. We shall see. –GEG

Trump has made two key appointments in the area of childhood vaccination. The first was Scott Gottlieb, the director of the FDA. What does Gottlieb have to say?

From fiercepharma.com: “…antivaccine activists were disappointed with Trump’s appointment for FDA head, Scott Gottlieb, who has said any theories of a link between vaccines and autism have been ‘thoroughly debunked’.”

Trump’s second key appointment has now been revealed. Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald takes over as the head of the CDC.

Georgia Department of Public Health: “’Immunizations are the best way to protect infants and children from childhood diseases, like whooping cough and measles that can be life-threatening at young ages’,” said Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health [before her appointment to lead the CDC]. “It is critical for parents to talk to their child’s doctor to ensure they are up-to-date on immunizations, because no child should have to suffer a vaccine-preventable illness’.”

In 2014, Dr. Fitzgerald wrote an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I’ve heard all the arguments against vaccination. All have been debunked…”

Is Trump, who has declared he believes there is a link between vaccination and autism, playing a secret game? Is he giving his new appointees enough rope to hang themselves, before he moves in and empowers an independent panel to investigate vaccine-dangers?

We’ll see. However, if other key appointees Trump has moved into important slots in his administration are any indication—with their leaking, their out of school statements, their former employment at Goldman Sachs, their bias in favor of extending American Empire and policing the planet—the whole issue of vaccination could be off the table.

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Baton Rouge Cop Sues Black Lives Matter over Police Ambush Attack Last Summer

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: A police officer who was wounded in an ambush attack that left three law enforcement officers dead last summer, is suing two leaders of the Black Lives Matter group, DeRay Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie, for incitement of violence. The ambush was in retaliation for a prior police shooting of a black man.  The unnamed officer suffered severe injuries to his brain and digestive system, and is seeking at least $75,000 in damages. While neither of the BLM leaders were directly involved in the ambush, they failed to disavow the violence and urged followers that violence was part of revolution, virtually declaring war on the police.

(CNN)A wounded officer’s lawsuit filed in federal court in Louisiana alleges Black Lives Matter and several of its leaders are responsible for last year’s ambush on law enforcement in Baton Rouge.

The July 17, 2016, attack by gunman Gavin Long claimed the lives of two police officers and a sheriff’s deputy and wounded two deputies and an officer.
Lawyers for one of the wounded law enforcement officers filed the complaint Friday in US District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana against various arms of the Black Lives Matter movement and leaders including DeRay Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie.
The complaint alleges Black Lives Matter and its leaders are responsible for the shooting because they “incited the violence against police in retaliation for the death (sic) of black men shot by police,” and “did nothing to dissuade the ongoing violence and injury to police.”
“In fact, they justified the violence as necessary to the movement and war,” the complaint says.
The person who filed the lawsuit is named in the complaint only as Officer John Doe Smith. It says he is 42 with two children and is permanently disabled as a result of the numerous injuries he suffered in the ambush.
Smith, the complaint says, was shot through his abdomen, left shoulder and left side of his head. The shot to his abdomen “tore up his intestines,” requiring 16 surgeries and causing recurring infections. Medical staff must attend to the exit wound daily, it says.
The shot to Smith’s head almost tore off his left ear, which needed to be sewn back on, the complaint says. His skull was shattered and he lost brain matter on the left side, in an area controlling communication. His left eye stays mostly closed with the eyeball turned outward, it says.
“John Doe Police Officer was strong and vibrant and he has been struggling everyday, fighting to live, and fighting to get better,” the complaint says. It seeks at least $75,000 in compensatory damages.
It is not clear why the officer filed the complaint under a pseudonym.
Donna Grodner, the attorney for the officer who filed the suit, told CNN she wasn’t authorized to speak about the case.

The Baton Rouge victims

In the attack last July, Long waited for police near a Baton Rouge convenience store that was known as a favorite stop for patrol officers.
Armed with a rifle, he fatally shot Officers Matthew Gerald, 41, and Montrell Jackson, 32, outside the store as soon as he saw them.
Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garafola, who apparently was responding to reports of a man with a rifle, heard the shots and took cover, but then ran to help one of the downed officers. That’s when Long opened fire, killing Garafola.
Long then shot Officer Chad Montgomery, who had pulled up in front of the building. The bullet grazed his head.
In a nearby parking lot, Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Tullier, then 41, was in his cruiser to run the tag on Long’s car when the gunman emerged from the woods and opened fire, shooting as he walked toward the vehicle.
Tullier was shot once in the head and twice in the abdomen and was in a coma for months.
Long took shots at another arriving deputy, Bruce Simmons, 51, shattering the bone from his elbow to his shoulder. Simmons now has a titanium rod in his arm.
SWAT officers then arrived on scene and shot Long in the leg, causing him to fall to the ground. As Long reached for his weapon, five SWAT officers fired, killing him.

Lawsuit: Black Lives Matter ‘declared war’ on police

The complaint describes in detail numerous protests that erupted across the country over several years, spurred by the shooting deaths of black men at the hands of police, and lists instances of violence, looting and vandalism at protests in Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore; McKinney, Texas; Dallas and Baton Rouge.
The suit notes Mckesson’s involvement in Black Lives Matter, and it points to his participation in the protests and his appearances in the media when he was introduced as a leader of the movement or a protest organizer.
When violence erupted at some of the protests, the complaint says, Mckesson and other Black Lives Matter leaders “failed to disavow the violence and urged its followers that violence was part of revolution,” the complaint says.
“By embracing and supporting violence in protest that could have been conducted peacefully, BLM declared a virtual war on police,” it says.
When reached for comment, Mckesson told CNN, “This is the second lawsuit an officer has filed against me from Baton Rouge. … I’m confident it has no merit.”
Elzie had no comment, and other defendants from Black Lives Matter could not be immediately reached for comment.

Baton Rouge ambush ‘mimicked’ Dallas attack

Mckesson and Elzie were present for protests in Baton Rouge in July 2016 held in response to the officer-involved shooting deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile near Minneapolis earlier that month.
The suit says they came to protest and “to incite others to violence against police and other law enforcement officers.”
Mckesson was arrested during the protests on July 9, though he told CNN days later the arrest was unlawful because he was complying with police requests to move back at the time.

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Soros- Funded Militant Group Was Present at Violent G20 Meetings in Germany

‘Refuse Fascism’ is an American militant group funded in part by George Soros, claiming that it had a “German contingent” at the massive G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany.  The group is planning nationwide protests across America on July 15, in the hope of drawing millions of people into the streets day after day until Trump and Pence are ousted from office. In other words, as it is in Germany, so shall it be in the US. –GEG

Refuse Fascism, an American militant group funded in part by George Soros, claims to have a “German contingent” at the massive G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany this week.

The G20 protests, dubbed “Welcome To Hell” by its organizers, have increasingly turned into violent riots that have injured hundreds of police officers.

A fire burns in front of a shop during the protests at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, July 7, 2017. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

The group claimed on Facebook Thursday to have a presence “right now in Hamburg, Germany G20 Summit where Trump is speaking,” and pointed out one of its banners among the thousands of protesters.

The group made a similar claim on Twitter, celebrating the presence of “a German Refuse Fascism contingent” at the “massive protests.”

As previously reported by The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, one of Refuse Fascism’s fiscal sponsors is the Soros-funded Alliance for Global Justice.

Refuse Fascism also claims direct ties to a Cornel West, an Ivy League professor and member of the 2016 DNC platform committee. West is among several left-wing professors listed as one of the group’s “initiators.”

Refuse Fascism is also one of the militant left-wing groups who organized the violent riots against Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley, California earlier this year.

The group is also planning nationwide demonstrations against President Trump to take place on July 15.

“July 15th must be a day when every person, every group – religious, community, service, political organization – all who feel the tremendous threat to humanity posed by the Trump/Pence regime – stand together showing the world that people here are determined that this regime must go … not in two years or four, but now,” a description for the July 15 protest states.

“July 15th must mark a leap to more sustained struggle, inspiring people to see the possibility of ousting this regime through unleashing the tremendous power of the people – aiming for the time when millions can be moved to fill the streets of cities and towns day after day and night after night, declaring this whole regime illegitimate – Demanding, and Not Stopping, Until The Trump/Pence Regime Is Driven from Power.”

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Hamburg Fell to Black Bloc Antifa Rioters Who Ruled the Streets

Hamburg, Germany: Police lost control of the city to Communist Black-Block Antifa rioters. US Journalists were beaten, including Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change. Lauren Southern, an independent Canadian journalist, was stalked by roving bands and had to flee wearing a hijab scarf to conceal her identity. Mainstream journalists helped target and track her for the rioters.  Free speech is blocked in the media, and violence prevents it in public.  Antifa mobilized an army of 30,000 thugs that led 100,000 sympathizers. Germany is falling to Communism under the slogan of anti-fascism. –GEG