The Proposed California Healthcare System Will Impose A Tax Twice as large As The State’s Entire Annual Budget

California state Senators are proposing a bill to require all health care to be administered and paid for by the state. According to preliminary estimates (which almost always are unrealistically low so as not to frighten taxpayers), the system will cost $400-billion a year, which is more than twice as large as California’s entire annual budget. [Legislators may be corrupt but they are not stupid. They know full well that this cannot be sustained by taxes. So why do they advocate such a plan? It is because they are collectivists who believe that the state should own and control everything – and everyone. They know that the best way to bring that about is to cause the present system to collapse. Only when there is sufficient chaos and misery will people accept such totalitarian rule. The first step is to destroy everything that remains of the old order. -GEG

Back in February, a gaggle of California Senators introduced Senate Bill 562, a publicly funded universal healthcare system otherwise conveniently marketed as “The Healthy California Act”…because who in their right mind would oppose Californians being healthy?  Presumably “The California Single-Payer Healthcare System, Courtesy of A Back-Breaking $400 Billion Tax, Act” was passed over because the truth isn’t quite so ‘marketable’ in this particular case.

Unfortunately, while catchy protest slogans like “Healthcare is a Human Right” sound so appealing, the cost of the Liberal healthcare end goal (i.e. a “Single-Payer System”), as some California Senators are finding out today, is somewhat ‘cost prohibitive’.  According to a study by California’s Senate Appropriations Committee, the price tag of SB562 is around $400 billion a year, which just happens to be a little over 2x Cali’s entire annual budget.

And while we understand from our Democratic friends that paying taxes is “patriotic,” we suspect that a fair number of people in California may be opposed to a doubling of their state taxes, which are already the highest in the country…but that’s just a hunch.

The idea behind Senate Bill 562, according to the  Sacramento Bee, was to overhaul California’s insurance marketplace, reduce overall health care costs and expand coverage to everyone in the state regardless of immigration status or ability to pay.  Instead of private insurers, state government would be the “single payer” for everyone’s health care through a new payroll taxing structure, similar to the way Medicare operates…because governments are so efficient at operating massive bureaucracies like Medicare.

“Health care spending is growing faster than the overall economy … yet we do not have better health outcomes and we cover fewer people,” Lara said at Monday’s appropriations hearing. “Given this picture of increasing costs, health care inefficiencies and the uncertainty created by Congress, it is critical that California chart our own path.”


Lara and Atkins say they are driven by the belief that health care is a human right and should be guaranteed to everyone, similar to public services like safe roads and clean drinking water. They seek to rein in rising health care costs by lowering administrative expenses, reducing expensive emergency room visits, and eliminating insurance company profits and executive salaries.

The “health care is a human right” argument is a favorite of the liberal elites.  Of course, the problem is that argument can be applied to a endless stream of goods and services.  Should “universal wages” be a human right?  How about a ‘car’ for every working age adult…after all how can people be expected to work if they can’t afford transportation to work?  The application of this twisted logic has no end….

Meanwhile, insurance groups, health plans and Kaiser Permanente are against the bill due to the “prohibitive expense”. Business groups, including the California Chamber of Commerce, have deemed the bill a “job-killer.”

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Suspected Berkeley Antifa Bike-Lock Attacker Eric Clanton Arrested for Assault

Eric Clanton, 28, a former Diablo Valley and California State University philosophy professor, suspected in the Antifa bike lock attacks, was arrested for assault Wednesday afternoon in Oakland. He is being held on $200,000 bail after being booked into Berkeley City Jail. Police have not said whether the arrest is connected to online investigative efforts that identified Clanton as the attacker, but examination of the photographic evidence makes it difficult to come to any other conclusion.  -GEG

Eric Clanton, 28, a former Diablo Valley and California State University philosophy professor suspected in the Antifa bike lock attacks was arrested for assault Wednesday afternoon in Oakland.

Clanton is being held on $200,000 bail after being booked into Berkeley City Jail – though police have not said whether the arrest is connected to online investigative efforts which identified Clanton as a person of interest in bike lock attacks

 “[Clanton] was arrested on suspicion of use of a firearm during a felony with an enhancement clause and assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon. –East Bay Times

4chan unmasking

Clanton is the suspected Antifa member going around with a bike lock assaulting Trump supporters. The weaponized autists over at 4chan ‘unmasked’ him based on photographic and video evidence along with publicly available information.

(Attack at 18 sec)

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Brand New Buses Deliver Protesters in Chicago for Higher Minimum Wage

The organized left has transported thousands of demonstrators onto the streets of Chicago in new, unmarked buses, and has equipped the demonstrators with professionally printed signs and banners.  They are demanding a wage increase to $15/hour. If this demand is met, a few rank-and-file workers will benefit, but many enterprises will be forced out of business and thousands will lose their jobs. From there, they will go on welfare and become an even greater burden to taxpayers who, thereby, will have less money to buy things. This will put more enterprises out of business and cause more unemployment, leading to more welfare leading to … You get the idea. When governments override the free market by legislating wages and other prices, it’s just a matter of time until the entire system collapses. –GEG

Thousands of people have recently taken to the streets of Chicago to protest the current minimum wage and demand an increase to $15/hr. One of the initial problems with this wage increase is that a cashier at McDonald’s should not be a job one aspires to retain for the rest of their lives; fast food jobs have classically been reserved as a first job for teenagers, and some college students, who are trying to make a buck between classes.

Increasingly, however, due to poor government intervention in business and expansions in welfare, these jobs have been increasingly filled by middle-aged people who have become victims of the left’s system of governance. So what is the solution? Well, apparently it is to increase McDonald’s service people’s jobs to that of entry-level accountants, which then prompts major fast food chains like McDonalds to do away with those jobs altogether and replace them with self-serving kiosks and machines. So why would this fight continue if it is not only both bad for the company but also bad for the actual future of those fast food jobs? Well, because it is being *highly* funded by far-left organizations.

4Chan first noticed that dozens of expensive, unmarked, buses took to Chicago filled with “protestors” holding uniform and expensively printed signs.

Rather than the MSM commenting on how odd it is that these “working class Americans” somehow all knew to get on and disembark from those busses marching with corporately produced “protest signs”, they continue to report that this is simply a march fighting for living wages

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