Head of Organization Demanding $15 Minimum Wage Threatens to Shut Down Fast-Food Restaurants

The national organizer for the “Fight for $15” movement, Kendall Fells, is not an underpaid fast-food worker. He is a labor-union activist who, in 2016, was paid $146,000 by the left-wing Service Employees International Union.  When asked who paid for the buses used to transport demonstrators, Fells said they have a “coalition of more than 100 groups in every city”. He added that, if fast-food restaurants cut hours or fire employees, his organization will bring 150 people and shut down their stores day after day after day. –GEG

The lead organizer for the “Fight for $15” movement isn’t an underpaid fast food worker, but rather a well-paid labor union activist.

“No I’m not,” Kendall Fells said when asked by researchers with conservative nonprofit America Rising Squared if he was paid to attend the “March on McDonald’s” he organized this week in Chicago. As it turns out, though, Fells is paid for his activist activities — and he gets paid a lot.

Fells was paid more than $146,000 in 2016 by the left-wing Service Employees International Union (SEIU), according to documents SEIU filed with the Department of Labor. Fells is listed as SEIU’s “deputy organizing director.” He is currently “on loan” to the “Fight for $15” campaign from SEIU, Fox Business reported on Wednesday.

Fells was hesitant to answer questions about the funding for the event and seemed uncomfortable providing details about himself. When the camera captured a shot of Fells’ face he put a hand up and said, “Please don’t record me.”

“The question you should be asking is like how much do these corporations make and how much do these people make and why are they out here protesting,” Fells said, while holding a coffee from Starbucks, which does not pay its workers $15 an hour.

Fells originally described himself as a “supporter” of the protesters, who he said are mostly fast-food workers.

“My official job is to support these people,” Fells said, gesturing towards the protesters, many of whom were bussed into the event.

When asked who paid for the buses, Fells said that they have a “coalition” of “100+ groups in every city.”

“They’re gonna do anything to help these workers get up and get out here,” he said. “Do you have a better idea how to get this many people out here?”

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Six Nuclear Cities Kept Secret

Six secret nuclear cities are profiled in this report. They include Los Alamos, where they built the first atomic bomb; Ozyorsk in the Soviet Union, where plutonium was produced; Wundsdorf in East Germany, another secret Soviet city known as ‘Little Moscow’; ‘404’, where China created its first nuclear bomb; Camp Century in Greenland, where the US, Denmark, and NATO built an underground facility with nuclear launch sites aimed at Russia; and Challakere, India, which was widely dismissed as a Pakistani conspiracy theory. Yes, Virginia, conspiracies do exist. –GEG



Did Fox News, Under Pressure by Democratic Party Operatives, Fire Sean Hannity for Reporting on the Seth Rich Murder Case?

The mainstream media is labeling news reports about the murder of Seth Rich, the man who is believed to have leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks, as “fake news,” and they are trying to bury the story.

Sean Hannity said Media Matters is trying to silence him from reporting on the story by trying to get him fired and by pressuring advertisers to pull their ads.  Media Matters was founded by David Brock and funded by George Soros.  Sean Hannity has been pulled off the air.

Companies including Cars.com, Peloton, and Leesa Sleep have all given in to pressure to cease advertising on the show over Hannity’s pursuit of claims made by Fox News that murdered DNC employee Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks before his death, which have now been retracted.

Breitbart reported that Hannity, in a series of tweets, accused figures including George Soros, David Brock of Media Matters, and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of “liberal fascism,” after his advertisers were reportedly “inundated with emails” from left-wing groups asking them to stop advertising on the show.

Fox News reported that Sean Hannity is taking his annual Memorial Day vacation and will not appear on his show on Thursday and Friday.  Hannity tweeted this message in response:

“Uh oh My ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW. Destroy Trump/Conservative media breathless coverage starts! Did Hannity do last show?”

Other developments in the Seth Rich murder case, according to the source We The Vigilant, include:

  1.  Brad Bauman, the DNC crisis consultant representing the Rich family, is linked (through his family) to the Bauman Foundation that is involved in politics, and lists George Soros partner, David Brock, of Media Matters on its board of directors.  The Bauman Foundation has additional links with George Soros.
  2.   Brad Bauman is employed by a left-wing media group owned by Brock.
  3.   Rod Wheeler, the private detective who was hired on behalf of Seth Rich’s family who asked him to terminate his investigation, claims that Donna Brazile, a DNC operative who had been caught lying in a separate scandal, contacted the police after Wheeler questioned them about Rich’s murder.  Wheeler further claimed that the FBI and police were involved in a cover up of the case.

If it can be shown that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks, the Democrats’ claim that the Russian hacked them will fall apart.

The media is also pushing the Russian story and will be discredited if Rich is revealed as the WikiLeaks source.

If Republicans refuse to investigate the Seth Rich murder, case, it will show complicity.

The alternative media and individuals need to make this case go viral.



Non-Western Immigrants Consume 59% of Denmark’s Tax Revenue

Non-Western immigrants and their descendants, although only a small percentage of the population, have drained almost $5-billion from Danish taxpayers, which is 59% of all tax revenue. This is roughly equivalent to the US spending $2.1 trillion per year on immigrants—a number so large it defies all logic and reason. –GEG

Study Shows Non-Western Immigrants & Their Descendants Cost Denmark 33 Billion Crowns Annually

A recent study conducted by Denmark’s Ministry of Finance concluded that in 2014, immigrants and their descendants cost Danish taxpayers at net loss of 28 billion Crowns per year.

Furthermore, when Western immigrants were removed from the equation, the net cost rose to 33kr billion.

Compare this to tax receipts from ethnic Danes, who contributed a surplus of 56kr billion in 2014.

The report shows conclusively that immigration has been an economic disaster for Denmark.

In short: 59% of the tax surplus collected from native Danes is spent on ethnic minorities, who are a massive drain on the system.

This would be roughly equivalent to America’s federal government spending $2.1 trillion per year on immigrants—a number so large it defies all logic and reason.

Such shocking findings are often greeted with denial.  Is the study legitimate?  How is this possible?

First, the study was conducted internally by Denmark’s own finance department, in order to see exactly where Danish taxes were being spent.  Furthermore, the methodology is explicit, and the data transparent.

The study is good.

Second, although the data is shocking, it is believable.

Consider that ethnic minorities, who are by definition immigrants to Denmark, represent 84% of all welfare recipients, as of 2016.

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G. Edward Griffin Questions Theory That Bankers Were Behind JFK Assassination

G. Edward Griffin questions the theory that bankers were behind the JFK assassination. The theory is that JFK was trying to end the Fed by creating debt-free, silver-backed money through Executive Order 11110, and the bankers saw this as a threat to their monopoly over the money supply. This theory, however, is not supported by the facts.  Executive order 11110 merely authorized the US Treasury Secretary to issue new Treasury notes to replace old currency, and actually gave more power to banks. It was part of a move to remove silver certificates from the monetary system. JFK was a graduate of the Fabian London School of Economics, which is internationally recognized as a training center for global collectivism. Contrary to wishful thinking by Kennedy admirers, his political career shows that he never wavered from that ideology. –GEG
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Westerners Must Challenge Muslim Theocratic Extremism

Fox News Commentator, Tucker Carlson, says America must not “become Europe” by embracing immigration of those who are hostile to Western values.  A startling number of Muslims living in Europe support an anti-Western ideology. (20% of British Muslims sympathized with the motives behind the 2006 London subway bombings that killed 50 people.)  A former Islamic extremist, Maajid Nawaz, says the ‘lone-wolf’ theory is a myth, because 80% of jihadist attacks are organized though networks with matching ideologies.  The lone-wolf theory enables security officials to falsely claim they had no way to predict or stop the attack, Nawaz recommends that all people, Muslim and non-Muslims alike, must challenge theocratic ideology. –GEG