Former US Congresswoman Corrine Brown Found Guilty of Fraud & Conspiracy

May 11, 2017 Fox News 1

Former US Representative, Corrine Brown, who held office from 1993 – 2017, was found guilty on 18 charges of fraud, conspiracy, and tax-evasion. The vehicle for these crimes was a charity that she created to provide scholarships to poor students and received $800,000 over four years, but granted only one scholarship of $1000.


President Trump Signed an Executive Order to Investigate Voter Fraud

May 11, 2017 Carter, Gateway Pundit 1

President Trump’s latest executive order will form a bipartisan commission to review potential voter fraud. He said that the commission will be looking at evidence of voting by illegal aliens and those claiming to be someone who is deceased. The biggest potential for vote fraud is the ability to program vote-counting machines but, so far, this has not been mentioned as a point of inquiry.


Bitcoin Skyrockets above $1800 – A New All-time High

May 11, 2017 CNBC 1

In April, Japan passed a law recognizing Bitcoin as a legal method of payment and put in place capital requirements, cybersecurity regulations, and annual audits. There is speculation that Japanese banks will start trading Bitcoin as a currency. The value of Bitcoin has surged 81% since the beginning of the year.


Texas Passes Anti-Sanctuary Bill, Criminalizes Behavior of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs Who Do Not Comply

Texas passed a law that forbids agencies of the state from acting as illegal-alien sanctuaries. The statute criminalizes behavior by police chiefs and sheriffs who refuse to comply with federal immigration enforcement. It also establishes civil fines of up to $25,000 daily for towns, cities, and counties that violate the anti-sanctuary law.