Women In Saudi Arabia Are Treated As Inferior To Men. Now The Saudis Are Empowered By The UN To Set World Standards For Women’s Rights

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In Saudi Arabia, every adult woman must have a male guardian’s permission to travel, receive a higher education, or get married. Women are not allowed to drive cars.  Their testimony in court is worth half of a man’s testimony. Yet, Saudi Arabia was elected to a UN commission, called The Status of Women, which supposedly promotes gender equality around the world. Can you spell the word hypocrisy? –GEG

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4 years ago

Yep. I can spell the word hypocrisy. H = hate. y=your P=personal O=other
C=commit R= Rape I=indiscriminately S= Save yourself!

4 years ago

The radical feminists have failed these Muslim women miserably,
Back in the seventies they were all yelling equality. They got that.
Now that they have a chance to better the lot of these women, they’ve decided
instead, to wear the veil themselves, so that the rest of us can’t see THEIR
hypocrisy! But we can….can’t we! ?

4 years ago

What can you do but laugh at this photo and feminists are fighting for this while others burn this garb, away…..