France: Right Wing Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Will Compete In Runoff Election. Both Main Parties Failed, Changing The Political Balance.

April 23, 2017 Cortney O'Brien, Townhall 0

France: Right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who is anti-immigration, won 22% of the vote, while progressive candidate Emmanuel Macron received 24%, The runoff election will be held May 7. Le Pen warned voters that France’s survival is at stake. This could completely re-structure the political system, because neither of the old-line parties made it to the second round.


Berkeley Mayor, Who Is Accused Of Having Given Police “Stand Down” Order, Is Part Of Antifa Facebook Group

April 23, 2017 Tom Ciccotta, Breitbart 3

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin has been accused of giving the “stand down” order to police during the February campus riot over the controversial speaking engagement of Milo Yiannopolous. Now, it has been discovered that Arreguin is a member of a Facebook group of a far-left, militant organization known as BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). BAMN gained notoriety in 2016 when its members crashed a white-nationalist demonstration and incited violence that led to ten people being hospitalized for stab wounds.


Tucker Carlson Takes The Controversial Vaccine Debate Mainstream On His Show With Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy, Jr. exposed the risks of vaccines on Tucker Carlson’s show- the mainstream media seldom allows air time to those who challenge the marketing script of the vaccine industry. Kennedy says that this is because the vaccine industry pays the media $5.4 billion per year in advertising. The vaccine regimen changed in1989 when the vaccine industry flooded Congress with money in exchange for a law that gives vaccine makers immunity from law suits.