Ron Paul Asks An Interesting Question: Could Nuclear Threats By North Korea Be An Insider Game That Provides An Excuse To Increase Military Spending?

April 6, 2017 Ron Paul Institute 0

Ron Paul analyses recent nuclear threats by North Korea and concludes that, while one should never be complacent about such things, we should be aware that the greatest power of nuclear weapons is psychological, meaning that merely threatening to use them can produce benefits that could not be achieved by actually using them. Paul says that, in the past, North Korea manipulated the US by making threats in order to receive large amounts of money to cease the rhetoric. On the other side, the US military industrial complex profited immensely by using the nuclear threat to justify even more military spending. The ongoing threat of war can be profitable for both sides in this game.


China And Russia Replace US Dollar As Reserve Currency

April 6, 2017 Malaysia Chronicle 5

China and Russia are coming into the final stage of replacing the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The first step is to trade with each other in their own currencies. This will greatly reduce the impact of the current US economic sanctions against Russia. The US dollar will lose $59.5 billion in foreign-exchange support – and that is just the beginning.