Need to Know posts stories from Infowars, but can Alex Jones be trusted?

Received 2017 March 22 from Moonlight Barnes:
I do not trust Infowars. Mr. Griffin, can you tell me the truth about Infowars?

We link to reports from many sources, and our primary requirement is that we believe the information is accurate. We do this by a combination of fact checking with other sources that we have found to be depndable in the past and by applying the test of continuity. In other words, Is there continuity between the new fact being reported and old facts that have been proven to be accurate by the passage of time. For example, if a political figure has devoted his life to supporting the fiat-money system and fractional-reserve banking, we are likely to question a report that this person now is promoting banking reform.

It is not uncommon to receive accurate information from unreliable sources. When that happens, and there is no better source for the information, we will use the story regardless of the source. Russia Today is an example of a source that cannot be trusted to report accurately on deeds of the Russian government or of other Leninist countries such as China, Cuba, and Venezuela but, unfortunately, their reports on what is happening inside the US often are are more accurate than those from our mainstream media. That is why we sometimes use RT as a source.

Regarding Infowars. I have worked with Alex Jones since about 2005 and have found his information to be amazingly accurate, especially on what is happening inside the US. I see things a bit differently than he does on matters of US foreign policy, but lack of agreement on these issues is no reason to reject everything else he puts into the news stream. Because of Alex, there now are millions of people who are aware of the forces of global tyranny at work within our own borders. I am grateful that he and his staff continue to deliver accurate news stories on this. Those are the stories we pass along. Those that we question, we skip over.

That’s our policy. If we relied only on sources with which we agree 100% of the time, we would have a very skinny news report. Heck, we even source articles from the New York Times and the Washington Post.