Why Did Alex Jones Apologize To James Alefantis For Reporting On Pizzagate?

Photo by Jimmy Comet, aka James Alefantis, of David Brock with Lady Lynn De Rothschid
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Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, reading from a script, made an apology directly to James Alefantis, owner of the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop that is the center of the Pizzagate pedophile-allegation controversy based on emails from John Podesta, a long-time Clinton insider.  While no hard proof of pedophilia has been presented, many commentators believe there is enough circumstantial evidence to justify an official investigation.  Alex Jones was one of those but now says his prior reports were based on an “incorrect narrative” and inaccurate information.

Some people believe that Pizzagate is a ‘limited hangout’ which is a strategy used by government intelligence and propaganda agencies to reveal a limited amount of accurate information but which also contains enough false information to obscure or discredit that part which is true.  Others have theorized that Pizzagate could be a set-up to entice critics of the establishment into spreading a false news story so, eventually, they can be discredited by their mistake. This explanation, however, runs counter to the fact that Podesta’s emails were not leaked by an establishment media outlet or a government agency, but were hacked and then published by Wikileaks, a source with a proven anti-establishment track record.

The timing of Alex Jones’ apology last Friday was as significant as the apology itself. An organized protest calling for an investigation of Pizzagate was scheduled the next day at the White House.  Jones’ reversal at that critical moment undoubtedly diminished the size and force of the protest.

It is unknown whether Alex Jones was threatened, either financially or physically, other researchers say they have been.

As a side note, David Brock, the former ‘domestic partner’ of James Alefantis, and the Democratic party operative behind Correct The Record and Media Matters, had a heart attack two days before Jones’ apology.

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