George Soros Funded ‘Day Without a Woman’ March With $246 Million

March 13, 2017 Fox News 0

Groups that organized last week’s ‘Day Without A Woman’ march in Washington, DC were given $246 million by George Soros. These are the same groups that marched against President Trump on his inauguration day. Critics believe that Soros is using women against Trump to build support for his one world government and point out that the march failed to address severe oppression of women internationally in places such as Saudi Arabia. […]


EU Commissioner For Migration Wants 6 Million More Immigrants

March 13, 2017 Free West Media 1

Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU’s Commissioner for Migration, has publicly called for the admittance of 6-million more immigrants into Europe. He recommends establishing offices in all the countries of the southern coast of the Mediterranean and West Africa to oversee the ‘legal’ immigration that will screen out nationalists and populists. He also lied when he said that all but one Islamic terror attack was committed by a refugee. […]