The Case Against Obama for ‘Bugging’ President Trump

Mark Levine, a top-rated radio analyst and former Chief of Staff for Attorney General, Edwin Meese, draws on public records to confirm the accuracy of President Trump’s recent tweet. The tweet read, “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Levin shows that, in 2016, the Obama administration did, indeed, wiretap Trump and his campaign team during the presidential campaign. [Ironically, that is what Obama and Hillary Clinton accused Russia of doing to the DNC and which they claimed was ‘interference in an American election’.]  -GEG

Radio talk show host Mark Levin joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday to discuss President Donald Trump’s allegations of wiretapping of Trump Tower by the Obama administration.

On Thursday, Levin laid out the potential executive overreach of the Obama administration, possible prompting Trump to take to Twitter Saturday morning to make his accusations public.

“This is not about President Trump’s tweeting; this is about the Obama administration spying,” said Levin, chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese in the Reagan administration.

Levin brought up a report that the Obama administration made two Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court requests in 2016 to monitor Trump communications and a computer server in Trump Tower focusing on possible links with Russian banks. The first one in June was denied, but the follow-up in October was granted.

“The issue isn’t whether the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign or transition of surrogates; the issue is the extent of it,” Levin said.

“Donald Trump is the victim. His campaign is the victim. His transition team is the victim. His surrogates are the victim,” he said.

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5 Ways Blockchains Can Bring Prosperity

Don Tapscott explains how blockchain technology operates, not just in Bitcoin digital currency, but many other applications.  Blockchain removes the middleman in a decentralized system and, by so doing, allows those at either end of value transactions to retain more of the benefit. Blockchain can be used to more efficiently protect rights,  restore privacy, and ensure just compensation for content creators. -GEG

Tech Apprenticeship Circumvents College Education & Debt

Isaac Morehouse of Praxis offers an innovative alternative to attending college through a three-month training that includes an attitude ‘boot camp’ and a real-world apprentice program with tech start-ups. The output of the program is a virtually guaranteed job for the highly motivated young people, age 17 to 26, who enroll. Morehouse says that the mindset of following rules, chasing grades and credentials, and waiting to be told what to do, which is the typical school model, is not effective in today’s job market. -GEG

Left-Wing Journalist Arrested in Jewish Bomb Threats

US: St. Louis, Missouri: Juan Thompson, a black Muslim journalist, was arrested for making eight bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers and schools. Even worse than the threats is the fact that Thompson has a history of blaming Trump Supporters of doing what he, himself, was doing. Thompson even tried to frame his Jewish girlfriend for some of his bomb threats and characterized her as a nasty white racist. Thompson previously worked for a leftist newspaper called the Intercept. Several days prior to his arrest, the paper ran a story with the title “Trump Can’t Accept That His Allies Are Targeting Jews – So He Blames His Opponents.” –GEG

On Friday, authorities arrested a St. Louis man suspected of making at least eight bomb threats to multiple Jewish Community Centers across the country.

The disturbing story of a recent wave of threats against Jewish centers and schools has gained national prominence, resulting in widespread speculation about who exactly the phone terrorist could be. One narrative promoted by various left-wing publications was that the source of the threats almost certainly came from the ranks of the left’s favorite villains, Donald Trump supporters.

Well, it turns out that the suspect, Juan Thompson, is anything but a Trump fan. Instead, he appears to be an unhinged, radical leftist. In fact, one of the left-wing outlets that chided Trump for refusing to “accept that his allies are targeting Jews” was Thompson’s former employer. While his motives are still being investigated, he was also charged with cyber-stalking his Jewish ex-girlfriend, which might have something to do with his anti-Jewish threats.

Below are six things you need to know about Thompson.

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