5 Ways Blockchains Can Bring Prosperity

March 6, 2017 Don Tapscott 0

Dom Tapscott explains how blockchain technology operates, not just in Bitcoin digital currency, but many other applications. Blockchain removes the middleman in a decentralized system and, by so doing, allows those at either end of value transactions to retain more of the benefit.


Left-Wing Journalist Arrested in Jewish Bomb Threats

March 6, 2017 James Barrett, DailyWire 0

US: St. Louis, Missouri: Juan Thompson, a black Muslim journalist, was arrested for making eight bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers and schools. Even worse than the threats is the fact that Thompson has a history of blaming Trump Supporters of doing what he, himself, was doing. Thompson even tried to frame his Jewish girlfriend for some of his bomb threats and characterized her as a nasty white racist. Thompson previously worked for a leftist newspaper called the Intercept. Several days prior to his arrest, the paper ran a story with the title “Trump Can’t Accept That His Allies Are Targeting Jews – So He Blames His Opponents.”