Monsanto Cancer Lawsuits Focus On EPA Official’s “Suspicious” Role

February 28, 2017 Joel Rosenblatt 0

A retired EPA official is at the center of more than 20 lawsuits that allege Monsanto failed to warn of cancer risks from glyphosate, the key ingredient in its Roundup weed killer. Jess Rowland, a former EPA deputy division director, is accused of helping Monsanto by publishing a report advising that there was not enough evidence to link glyphosate to cancer, which preempted further research. The EPA is trying to stop his deposition in March.


Leaked Audio Reveals Liberals’ Plans To Cause Hostility At Town Hall

February 28, 2017 Peter Hasson 0

A Louisiana radio station obtained leaked audio from ‘Indivisible’, an anti-Trump protest group, that revealed their plot to dominate a town hall meeting in order to influence Republican Senator Bill Cassidy to withdraw his support from President Trump. The self-identified liberals’ strategy consisted of dressing like conservatives, using an outside team to pander to the media and using an inside team to fill as many seats as possible to monopolize the meeting with their agenda.


Arizona’s Silver And Gold Bill Undermines The Federal Reserve

February 28, 2017 The Tenth Amendment Center 1

Arizona’s State House passed a bill to eliminate state capital gains taxes on gold and silver coins because it is an exchange of one kind of legal tender for another kind of legal tender. Precious metals appear to gain in value when Federal Reserve notes depreciate in value, making the taxable gain fictional. If the bill becomes a state law, it will encourage the use of precious metals as currency and will open the door to undermining the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.