University Students Encouraged To Tattle On “Offensive Speech”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) reports that more than 230 US colleges and universities are encouraging students to tattle on any comments that they find offensive to campus ‘bias response teams’, which could involve the police.  Anonymous online forums are also used as bait to identify dissenting opinions, which are sent to a large government database.  Ironically, the federal government does not have any laws that specifically protect free speech under the First Amendment. – GEG

Why Has The CIA Stopped Smuggling Weapons to Syrian Rebels?

Over the past few weeks, the CIA has stopped its weapons smuggling operation to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) “moderate” rebels, which President Trump criticized while he was campaigning. The CIA has been funding the FSA and the al-Nusra Front who are fighting each other.  The US could be backing off to have less involvement, or to change strategy.  Trump’s newly-appointed National Security Advisor, General HR McMaster, is a war hawk who prefers the US to fight wars directly with American troops instead of using proxy armies, like Vietnam.  Ron Paul suggests that the US has been a patsy in the wars in the Middle East that have benefited our “friends.”